At Proeliator, we believe that a properly cleaned and lubricated firearm will not only keep your firarm running for years but is also a safer, more reliable, and more accurate firearm to use.

When is the last time you’ve completely disassembled your firearm, performed a thourough inspection, deep cleaned, and lubricated your firearm?

For most people, the answer is “Never!.”  

Most times cleaning consists of merely running a bore snake down the barrel, applying some oil to the necessary parts, and wiping down the gun.  This misses getting into those hard-to-reach areas of the firarm’s mechanics which can adversely affect the firearm’s operation over time.  This potentially (dare I say definitely) will affect the safety and accuracy of the firearm.

Do you think you can get your gun this clean using traditional methods?

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$60.00 / firearm


All late model pistols or revolvers



$80.00 / firearm


All late model rifles, single-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, AR-style pistols and pistol caliber carbines.



$100.00 / firearm


All late model double-barreled shotguns (over and under or side-by-side)



$150.00 / firearm


NOT ‘Antique’ in the legal sense of the word, but practical; any firearm manufactured prior to 1960.

 * These are base prices for standard firearms not requiring special cleeaning or handling.

ULTRASONIC Deep Cleaning process

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Step 1

Initial inspection of the firearm is conducted as well as a functional and safety check. This is followed by complete disassebly of the firearm (beyond field stripping).

Step 2

All parts are initially inspected for excessive carbon fouling or damage.

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Step 3

The parts are then placed into our state-of-the-art Infante Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning System.

The parts are ultrasonically cleaned using Infante’s 
Sonic Tonic™ Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate.

Step 4

Upon completion of the ultrasonic cleaning cycle, the parts are again inspected.

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Step 5

Any parts not completely cleaned are manually scrubbed with a brush
and then placed back into the ultrasonic cleaner for another cycle.

Step 6

Once the parts are completely cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaner, they are rinsed with hot water to remove the excess cleaning solution and then blown dry with compressed air.

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Step 7

The parts are then inspected again in the case where excessive
fouling was covering up mechanical issues.

The advent of a high-resolution digital borescope inspection camera allows inspection at great detail.

Step 8

The parts are then placed into the special water-displacing
lubrication tank and ultrasonically lubricated.

The parts are ultrasonically lubricated using Infante’s Sonic Lube™ Water Displacing Metal Protectant.

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Step 9

Once the ultrasonic lubrication process completed, the parts are again dryed with compressed air.

Step 10

Again with the aid of a borescope inspection camera, the parts are lubricated
with a performance lubricant in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Proeliator uses Lucas Oil’s Extreme Duty Gun Oil  and/or Extreme Duty Gun Grease.

Step 11

Finally, the firearm is reassembled and checked for safe and reliable operation
and then wiped down to remove any fingerprints, etc.

Conditions and exclusions

  • Proeliator reserves the right to refuse any work, or work we deem would render a firearm unsafe
  • A liability waiver MUST be signed for this service
  • We DO NOT clean optics; they will be removed prior to cleaning then reattached upon conclusion
  • We DO NOT remove or deactivate firearm safeties
  • We DO NOT test fire your firearms (Heck, we just cleaned it!  That’s your job!)
  • We DO NOT service or clean air pistols, airsoft guns, or paintball guns or any other ‘non gun’
  • There will be a $25.00 surcharge for firearms containing Cosmoline™ or other similar petroleum-based rust and corrosion inhibiting grease
  • There will be an additional surcharge to remove parts affixed with epoxy or high-strength threadlocking compound (e.g. Loctite Red, Vibra-Tite Green, Rocksett, Permatex Red, J-B Weld Red)

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.
Charles R Swindoll, pastor & author

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