Refuse To Be A Victim

Violent Crimes

According to the FBI, in 2020, there were an estimated 538,203 violent crimes reported to law enforcement.

Property Crimes

The FBI reported an estimated 3,404,745 property crimes in 2020.

Vehicle Theft

Motor vehicle theft remains a major reported crime with 406,953 occurring in 2020.

From Awareness to Avoidance

The Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class. It is a seminar that will help you improve your personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life.

Seminar Topics:

Psycology of Criminal Predators

Understand what makes a criminal a predator

Mental Preparedness

Prepare yourself for any situation that may arise

Physical Security

Don’t ignore your instincts – if something feels wrong, it probably is!

Home Security

Securing what’s inside and outside your house

Automobile Security

Equip yourself with the necessities for any type of situation

Out-of-Town Security

Making sure you are safe, no matter where you go

Technological Security

Technological advances have made individuals more vulnerable to being victimized

Personal Protection Devices

Securing what’s inside and outside your house
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